The Jury will evaluate entries based on a balanced approach between the interpretation of the concept through the medium of materials including cement/concrete, design aesthetics, technical excellence and ability to inspire a global audience.

  1. An actual site/neighbourhood must be identified. A strong case may be made for the selection (if there is an impact on the state-wise SDG, or could be once replicated, it should be mentioned in the programme brief). Luckily most districts do have a shortfall so selecting an area should be easy.

  2. There should be evidence, either through research or secondary sources, that indicate the need for this intervention.

  3. Solutions attempted locally, if any, must be referred to and acknowledged.

  1. The entry/entries will be assessed on how fast and accurately the proposal can come to life and provide for the people under consideration.

  2. This speed characteristic will have to be tabulated in the form of a table which indicates the difference the design solution has brought to the construction timelines.

  3. Special considerations will be given to proposals specifying the details of the technology and material/s used, to enable ease of construction along with lower carbon footprint.

  1. Quality of Life: Due consideration to the quality of life, social spaces and regional nuances are to be made while proposing a housing solution. Here the ancillary spaces that ensure a vibrant community will be considered as a criterion too.

  2. Quality of the Built Form: The entry/entries will be judged on the fact that it must be a value-added proposal and must set new benchmarks with respect to materials, performance and impact.

  1. The entry/entries will be assessed on structural resilience and solutions that outline the structural longevity.

  1. The entry/entries will be assessed on the technology used for the construction and its impact on the project success. The entry will have to elucidate how the use of innovative material and building technology will assist in faster implementation and construction of the proposed design.

  1. The entry/entries will be assessed on the value addition to the SDG disparity for the local region.

  2. Special consideration will also be given to its impact on the local community.

  3. The participants are encouraged to keep the project to be implementable as well as be economically viable.

  1. The entry/entries will be evaluated on how it has presented cement/concrete as the main medium through innovation, in association with any other local material. This can address aesthetic expression, structural systems, fabrication or even finishing methods.

  2. The entry/entries will also be judged based on how the primary material has been used in juxtaposition with other mediums (e.g. wood, glass, technology etc.) to highlight concrete’s properties and present the overall idea with ingenuity.

  1. The entry/entries will be judged on how the idea can be scaled up for further applications and the design’s ability to sustain processes and practices.

  2. Special consideration will be given to entries that are easy to implement and replicate.