The first edition of the UltraTech IndiaNext Competition was held in FY 2013-14.

The four previous themes have been:

  • Mera Gaon Mera Base
  • Smart Society
  • Building for a Billion
  • Village 2047

You can register and participate in the competition by visiting www.ultratechindianext.com and clicking on the 'REGISTER NOW' button. The 'REGISTER NOW' button is located on the website's 'always on' navigation bar. Having this capability enables you to register and participate from any page on the website.

The solutions for the design competition are sought primarily for India; however, being an international design competition the participation is open to applicants internationally.

The participants are free to define the target users as per the housing shortfall identified and the housing requirement in the location selected.

All interested participants must design housing units as per the specific unit numbers mentioned in the Rural & Urban Guidelines sections. The design must also include infrastructure, social spaces and amenities for the same. For further details do refer to the competition brief document available on the website.

You can select a site based on research from secondary sources to validate the shortfall for that particular location.

All entries must be adapted to a specific physical site in India with a specific reference to its surroundings.

Participants must provide details of any alternate materials used within the design. However, the use of cement and concrete is ideally the preferred choice.

Participants must establish the feasibility of any kind of technology for the site in question.

All references need to be stated and indicated in the synopsis.

Participants must account for factors such as transportation of materials and travel costs for labour for a site within a remote area.

In such a situation, you may make your submission but provide justification in your synopsis for the jury to evaluate.

Published proposals or Existing projects are not permitted within this competition.

Participants are free to choose any location within the territory of India.


Participation within the competition is via the online registration process available on the website.

For participating, participants must be atleast eighteen (18) years of age. However, if a participant is below 18 years of age he/she has to access, browse/register and/or use the Website under the supervision of his/her parent or such person who is legal guardian under the applicable laws (“Eligible Person”) and that such Eligible Person should read and agree to the Terms of Use of the Website on behalf of the User.

Further, for competitions that offer a monetary award/prize, it must be noted that the "prize money" can only be given to such Eligible Person on behalf of participant who is below eighteen (18) years of age.

There are no charges for either registration or participation.

No. Participating team must comprise of at least 1 (one) architect and 1 (one) engineer or 1 (one) student pursuing architectural course and 1 (one) student pursuing engineering course. Participating team can be maximum upto four (4) members.

A minimum of 02 members and maximum of 4 members are required for eligible participation.

A Single team member’s name is sufficient to register for the competition. You may introduce the names of the other team members only in the Participant’s Profile annexure.

No, submission of a single project design within multiple categories will result in disqualification.

Licensed professionals are eligible to participate under the professional category.

Academicians are eligible to participate under the professional category.

No, as per the Eligibility Criteria, designers/artists/sculptors are eligible to participate only if they collaborate with a team of at least 1 architect and 1 civil engineer.

As per the Eligibility Criteria, Mechanical Engineers are eligible to participate only if they collaborate with a team of at least 1 architect and 1 civil engineer.

A maximum of 2 entries is permitted per participating team and the same should be registered as separate entries

Each participating firm can submit a maximum of 02 entries. Each entry will have a unique ID which is generated through the participant’s email id listed during registration. Both entries would need to be submitted by generating two separate email ids.

You may submit only up to 2 entries, irrespective of category.

To fulfil the interpretation of the design brief, if the participant believes that extension of the area is crucial to the design, they may do so by providing valid justification for the same in the synopsis.

Hand-drawn images are not accepted for the competition.


All audio visuals are preferred in mp4 format with content duration of maximum 60 seconds. Participants need to upload the AV (walkthrough file) using We Transfer / Google Drive and email the link to info@ultratechindianext.com and mention the unique id (generated during the registration process) in the subject line of the email. Also, update the [Links section] with the external storage path for respective files. The [Links section] can be found under 'Manage Your Entry'.

Participants are required to keep the synopsis within the word limit of 750 – 1000 words.

Participants may submit their proposal only if it adheres to the competition requirements and aligns with the competition brief.

A BOQ demonstrates the practicality of the design idea and the budget under consideration. The inclusion of the same would add weightage to the proposal.

  • Visit www.ultratechindianext.com
  • Click on the profile icon, placed next to the ‘REGISTER NOW’ button.
  • Log in with your registered email address and password (you may have created your password at the time of registration. In case you can't remember it, click on 'Forgot Password').
  • You will be redirected to the dashboard where you will see a banner ‘START BY CREATING AND ENTRY’
  • Click on ‘Start Now’ under banner ‘START BY CREATING AND ENTRY’
  • Enter the 'Project Title' and choose the 'Category' (Rural/Urban)
  • Click on 'Submit'
  • Once submitted you will see a banner ‘MANAGE YOUR ENTRY’ with a link to ‘‘Upload Files’
  • Click on ‘Upload Files’ You will be redirected to the 'MANAGE YOUR ENTRY' section. Here you will be able to:
    1. Update your 'Project Title' and 'Category'
    2. Choose a file to upload by clicking on ‘UPLOAD FILE’
    3. You will see a progress bar while the file is being uploaded. Once the file is uploaded you will receive a confirmation in the form of a notification on the same page stating, ‘Your file has been successfully uploaded’. To proceed further you need to click ‘OK’. You can also see the uploaded file on the same page under 'UPLOADED FILES' section.
    4. Add links to the files you've shared via Cloud (WeTransfer or Google Drive). This can be done under ‘UPLOAD LINK’ section (Next to ‘UPLOAD FILE’ section
    5. View/ Delete uploaded files under ‘UPLOADED FILES’ section
    6. Detailed instructions on how to upload and share files using WeTransfer or Google Drive

You may check the 'UPLOADED FILES' section for confirmation on file upload if you encounter a connectivity issue while uploading files.
If you are further unable to upload your files, you may reach out to us at our helpline numbers indicated on the website.

Physical submissions to the competition are not accepted. Only online submissions would be considered.

The last date of the submissions is (as per the website). The organisers reserve the right to extend the date – participants can check the competition website for updates on the same.

The team identity must be revealed only in the profile annexure of the participating engineer and architect team (maximum 2 pages) that must be submitted separately and nowhere else in the submission documents.

The 3D views should be submitted as part of the A1 panels. Only in case of space constraints, you may share them separately.

It is compulsory to submit the A1 panels (in landscape or portrait mode), synopsis, AV presentation and team profile. The 3D walkthrough will help make a better representation of your design to the jurors.

Participants can combine two A1 panels in a single pdf file.

Participants are allowed to submit only in the sizes and formats specified.

Participants must submit only in the formats specified. The A1 design panels will be accepted in only pdf format and other formats are not permitted. Participants are required not to upload any raw files in other formats.

It is recommended that you attach the video files separately for ease of offline/online evaluation by the jurors.

The synopsis must be strictly submitted as a separate document in MS Word format.

You may submit additional files to enhance the presentation of your design, provided the entire packet size is maintained within the prescribed limits.

The profile must consist of the participants name, photograph, educational qualifications, work experience and project experience.

Participants must label their submissions with the Unique Code followed by 1 / 2 / 3, etc. based on the number of sheets being attached. The submission file could also be given a project name with a caption/slogan.

Participants would be allowed to update their submission or make a fresh submission before the revised submission deadline, however ensuring that the submission is restricted to the maximum of only 2 entries. This fresh or updated submission needs to be stated as (FRESH / UPDATED) in the updated synopsis for jury consideration.

Only in the case of extreme necessity, would participants be allowed to edit and resubmit the design proposal however using the same unique ID. This updation would need to be stated in the updated synopsis for jury consideration.

Every participant is eligible to submit a maximum of 2 designs only but as separate submissions.

Participants are required to submit designs in the formats specified in the brief.


The Webinars would be promoted via email and across Social media. The dates of the webinars would also be indicated on the competition website. All webinars are planned in line with the theme of the event.

The recorded session will be made available under the ‘Resources/ Video’ section.


In the first stage of the jury process, all entries that are incomplete or those which have not followed the submission criteria are eliminated. The balance entries go through a stagewise jury process through the elimination method. A team of expert jury members gives marks, discusses and ranks the entries. Entries that get higher ranking are shortlisted to go the next stage of jury and the other entries are eliminated. The selection and elimination of the entries are entirely at the discretion of the jury.

A jury member is provided access to the entries at a designated date and time (usually a few days in advance before the jury discussion date). The juror ranks the entry individually as per the set evaluation criteria. The marks of every jury member are compiled and the ranks are allotted to each entry before the jury. On the jury discussion date, the jury members revisit each entry and carry out the discussion of each entry. The jury jointly takes a call as to which entry goes to the next stage and which entry stands eliminated.

As per the competition rules, "Employees of the organisers are not eligible to enter the competition."

Students can form a team of up to four members to participate in the competition. Student teams must comprise at least 1 student each in the penultimate year/final year of engineering and architecture studies. Barring this primary condition, the team may select students from other faculties if they assess that the candidate will be helpful to carry out research or contribute in any manner aligned with the competition’s objective.

Copyright law protects expressions of ideas rather than the ideas themselves. Copyright is a form of intellectual property protection granted under Indian law to the creators of original work such as literary works, dramatic, musical and artistic works, cinematographic films and sound recordings. Ideas and facts cannot be copyright protected, but documentation of ideas or explaining facts in your own style could be copyrighted; because there would be personal artistic expression. Please note that this shall not be considered legal advice, and we do not claim any responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained within. Please always consult a lawyer for accurate and up to date information and guidance.

By submitting the entry in the Design Competition, UltraTech Cement and IndiaNext reserve the right to publish all submitted designs in print and across digital media. Please take necessary action at your end to secure/protect any intellectual property rights vested in the entry prior to submission.

Please note that any third party intellectual property may be used in the entry submitted with due permission of the intellectual property owner as required by prevailing law, thereafter, you may use third-party photographs to explain your design in the synopsis along with suitable credits and citations.

You may not use any text or material that is sensitive to any religion and/ or culture and/or gender or comprises or contains scandalous or obscene matter.

All information about the previous editions is available in the Archives section of the UltraTech IndiaNext website.

In case of any required support do reach out to us on our helpline number - +91 9920908720 (for queries related to registration and submission) and +91 8928517311 (for technical queries).


All shortlisted winners would be announced on the website post the Jury assessment and announcement. We would also notify all shortlisted winners by email. Details on the award ceremony will also be announced on the website.

If you did not find your answer or question, please feel free to contact us or talk with us.
Do reach out to us on our helpline number - +91 9920908720 (for queries related to registration and submission) and +91 8928517311 (for technical queries).