The IndiaNext

The IndiaNext initiative is designed to endorse all possibilities of an idea that can make a difference. And much more. The platform is annually offered to the most noted professionals and brightest of students from the engineering and architecture sector to bring forth solutions to the most pressing need of the hour, in building a better, more beautiful India.

IndiaNext endeavours to identify the most critical issues to our nation’s development and develops a framework where the best of engineers, architects and design professionals can leverage their collective effort to find solutions to issues plaguing the nation.

In the past editions, IndiaNext has handled several critical areas such as Smart City Planning, Skill Development, Efficient Mobility and Public Transport, Water, Sanitation and Waste Management, Village Community Design, and Housing for a burgeoning population.

This has been a watershed year for India and the world. As we strive to get our country and the economy back on track, it is time to rethink, realign and reimagine our collective future. Time is of great essence as we have lost a lot of ground in the interim. Usually, at IndiaNext we ask professionals to come up with blue-sky ideas. In the 5th edition of IndiaNext, the essence is the need for speed with the aid of design and technology to help the nation achieve its goals.


The journey so far

Since its inception in 2015 the initiative has drawn popularity and participation from noteworthy architects and engineers from leading firms across India.

INR 1.8 million
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