Community Centre at Tarahunise Village, Near Bengaluru, Karnataka

Category: Community Facility

The Tarahunise village is quiet and tucked away at 65 Km from shadows of the mega city, Bengaluru, Karnataka. The village is 4.83 Sq Km in size and houses 432 families. The village has a school, a hospital, a post office and lake. The 432 families of Tarahunise cumulatively occupy about 1.2 Sqm km of built area. The rest of the spatial emplacement is largely farms, roads, public buildings and a dried up lake of 35.4 acres.

The Team

Founder, Umber Architecture


Founder, Woven Design Collective


Co-Founder, Ananas

The Challenge

The ville's quiet and self-sufficiency is marred by the impending woes of the near future – its' depleting water levels and the issue of water security in the near future. The village largely depends on its paddy farms and fields for its economic integrity. With the lake dried up since the past 35 years and with plummeting levels of borewells, farming is seemingly becoming a less pursued occupation and is slowly triggering migration into the nearby city.

The Solution

The BBMP plans to send about 5MLD treated water from the city. Therefore the solution proposed focuses on using this 5 MLD and transforming the lake into a wetland and introduce a wetland resource community center by the shores. This project would be the first of its kind in India. The resource center would engage the community from an economic, social and ecological standpoint.

Expected Impact

The solution proposed reflects the need of the hour and a template that can be used in other rural contexts with a dried up water body. The community resource center with an amphitheatre would help people to engage in the lake activities while providing a constant source of water.