Housing at Koth, Taluka Dholka, Ahmedabad

Category: Individual House or Multi-Family Housing

Koth is a village in Dholka Taluka, Ahmedabad district of Gujarat, India. The village today has an approximate population of 14,000 to 15,000 and a rising area of 46.4 km sq. Most people in Koth traditionally build their own house. These houses are usually not very well built, as the people of village do not have technology and skilled labour required for such construction. The houses they live in are perfect for according to their social, cultural and religious needs.

The Team




The Challenge

In recent years Koth has seen urban influence in its housing. Apartments have come up having better construction quality and cheap prices, but they lack the characteristic of a village house. The challenge here is to retain the characteristic of the village houses while giving them the benefits of the upcoming apartment typology. Another challenge was to use an appropriate construction system.

The Solution

1. Incident solar radiation on the semi-open space – to maximize it.
2. Building should have less height on the part that is near lake, so all the houses get best view.
3. Area of closed space to area of footprint – To maximise the density, this ratio has to be maximised.
4. Sky view factor – It is taken from semi-open spaces. To have better semi-open and public space, it is maximised.
We developed a modular system that consisted of three types of structural modules, one module for flooring and one module for plantation in the semi-open spaces. The core consists of staircase, elevators and services.

Expected Impact

We find that portion of closed space, semi open space, open spaces and the aggregation logic between these spaces is much better in the local typology for people living there.